Intelligent Service Desk

IMO® is committed to delivering an easy to navigate self-service option to all its clients. By using the Intelligent Service Desk, you can ask any question or log any issue through an interface designed to make communication with IMO as efficient and effective as possible. As a user, you can access Intelligent Service Desk by logging into IMO’s affiliate pages. If you cannot access ISD, please direct email



On the Intelligent Service Desk home page, there are two main tabs available for selection: "Ask a question" and "Question log." In the "Ask a question" tab you can ask one or a series of questions and in the "Question log" tab you can see the status of the submitted questions as IMO works to provide a response. In addition, email notifications will be sent to the requestor when more input is needed or when the case has been closed.


To help our clients better define their questions and speed turnaround time, we developed three request type categories to classify the question or issue: "General Question", "Mapping Inquiry", and "Term Request". "”Mapping Inquiry” and “Term Request” types replace the "Term Request Medical Vocabulary Maintenance Website" where users could submit new term requests or ask coding/mapping related questions. The "General Question" request type supports all other inquiries removing the need to navigate through multiple pages, email, or call IMO’s customer support team to ask a question.


In order to keep a single point of contact for term requests and mapping inquiries, IMO is maintaining the IMO Vocabulary Maintenance Website Coordinator (VMWC) role. This role is necessary to submit term requests and mapping questions to IMO. To register for the VMWC role, contact IMO Customer Support with the following information:

·         Name

·         Phone number

·         Email address


Once registered, the VMWC user can access and submit term requests and mapping inquiries through Intelligent Service Desk.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Intelligent Service Desk please contact our IMO Customer Support.